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Gathering Estate Assets

Gathering estate assets can be a very difficult and complicated task for a Bucks County executor. Often, spouses, children and other family members are not aware of the existence or location of all of the Decedent’s assets. A Bucks County executor is charged with the duty to gather and safeguard all estate assets.

Typical Bucks County estate assets include:  personal property, real estate, bank accounts, vehicles, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, life insurance, cash and coins, collectibles, business interests and mortgages.

If a Bucks County executor is not familiar with these different types of assets, he or she should retain an experienced Bucks County estate lawyer so that all assets can be properly accounted for and collected.  If a Bucks County executor is not diligent in finding and gathering estate assets, he or she can be charged personally for interest on any outstanding estate assets.

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